Meet The


The award winning design team. We believe in making ideas happen.




creative lead

Hazeeq is an avid designer, whom also appreciates architecture – for where he get most of his inspirations from. Having worked on a wide range of projects since his tenure in Luxe Design, his love for a clean minimalist aesthetic always hits the spot. With his forever burning passion for design, he leads his team to create strong impeccable designs in both creative products and services.



motion graphic designer

Sharifah is an aspiring designer trying to make the best out of everyday learning and picking up tips and skills may it be from other designers or online. She started her love affair with design since young after falling for the allure of illustration and painting. She has developed interest in many areas and pursued her passion in motion graphics.




Creative director

Jonathan is the man behind the success story of the team. With many years of experience in both design & print, and photography, he brings the team to greater heights and continues to break new grounds in design trends and products innovation. Jonathan is a strong believer in bold and loud designs!



senior graphic designer & illustrator

Jarod has been designing professionally for over 8 years. And he still loves every minute of it. His passion for design is much more than sitting in front of a computer and make ugly things look beautiful, design is to inspire people's mind everyday with the works.



multimedia & graphic designer

Nazirah Kau started her love for illustrations at a very young age, from cartoons to magazines. She always had an eye at looking into their graphics, animation & visual effects. She is a young and energetic designer that is always hungry to pick up new techniques and skills.